Social Media Agency in Andorra

Social media or marketing on social networks makes up a fundamental part of online marketing and has without doubt been one of the greatest revolutions in the field of marketing in recent decades.

We are specialists in online marketing, we work to ensure that our clients and their brands speak to, and create loyalty from, new clients whilst reinforcing their brands

Social Media Agency in Andorra
Social Media Agency in Andorra

Through social media, companies drive advertising campaigns, create promotions, create awareness, ensure visibility and reinforce brand image or branding and, consequently, increase sales. However, marketing on social networks goes even further and permits interactivity with the client: speaking and listening in a direct manner and without intermediaries with your clients and potential purchasers, obtaining information about tastes and buying processes, needs and expectations. By means of this interaction, social media enables us to discover which products or services and what type of messages work with our clients, we can assist them and create customer loyalty, whilst both the company and brand gain in credibility, competitiveness and reputation.

The Social Media Plan

The first decision when undertaking a social networks or social media project is always the creation of a Social Media Plan, which will enable us to:

  • Define the objectives of the Social Media Plan. What we want to achieve.
  • Define the current status of the brand. Where it is and where it wants to go.
  • Define a target market or audience. Who we will be addressing.
  • Define the positioning of our brand. What are our strengths.
  • Define a strategy. How we are going to do it and through what platforms or social networks we are going to do it (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, etc.)
  • Measuring and analysis of results and implementation of improvements.

Social networks that we work

We help you define and implement strategies in social networks, such as:

  • Facebook (and Facebook Ads)
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Instagram
  • Other social networks (such as Linkedin, Youtube, Vimeo or Pinterest)

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