Easy and clear billing

Control the administration of your company from the creation of a budget to the creation of an invoice and the management of its collection. Connect to your banks and make the reconciliation of your charges and payments easily.

Administrative management of budgets, orders, delivery notes and invoices...

Tune in for easy management in the cloud and you will save time and money

Invoices, cashing in, expenditure, purchases… You carry around the administration of your business all day long. You keep managing small amounts of data all day long in order to prevent the “ball” from becoming a large stone at the end of each term. If you are a freelance professional and/or a micro-enterprise, do not let your business administration steal away working hours from you… or perhaps even sleeping hours.

Tune in for easy management in the cloud and you will not only save much time; even better than that, you will save more money than you thought you would. Install (just to give it a name, because online billing is an on-line solution and you do not need to install anything. Everything will always be ready in any device you choose) the invoicing software… And much more that will make you enjoy the administrative management of your business.

A flexible, efficient administrative management

Nothing can be more boring than an inefficient administrative management. If you use online billing, you will be able to change the course of your business in just a few clicks. Thanks to the powerful invoicing program included in the tool, you will no longer need to worry about losing a ticket, forgetting to include some expenses or having to write down the payment delays in a client’s invoice.

Take a chance on saving time and money when managing your business. A proper management of your project is essential to make everything work properly. Prevent leaks and black holes in your invoicing process. Keep everything up to date from your computer, your mobile phone or any other device, because the only thing you need to manage all your business administration is… an Internet connection. And this is because, thanks to online billing , you will feel like doing it. In fact, when you start using online billing , you will even like devoting a few minutes to administrative management. This is just what you will need every week: a few minutes. And everything will be great!

Your administrative management... In the cloud

Tickets may come to you in the street, at any time. More and more expenses come up, regardless of whether we are at the office to file them or not. Invoicing is so foolish that it never stops a minute to consider whether a printer is available… The administrative management of your company must be in the cloud, and with a permanent on-line access! Of course, it must be accessible from anywhere.

Now, thanks to online billing , you will be able to update all your invoicing data using your own mobile phone and the app included in the tool, and you will be able to do this in a few minutes, no matter where you are. Scan the ticket for that lunch with your clients and upload it to your expenses in just one click. No more tickets will be lost again.

If you are sitting in the doctor’s waiting room… Make the most of your time by updating the invoices you cashed in and by sending the reminder e-mail to the client who gets behind with his payments. Save time, beat the clock and optimize the administrative management of your business.

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